BMCE Bank of Africa-African Entreprenuership Award 2016 (USD$1 Million for Africans)

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Do you have a business idea that will create jobs and improve lives in your region?

We are live with the 2nd edition of the African Entrepreneurship Award. What does that mean for you?

The African Entrepreneurship Award is both a process and an organization within BMCE Bank of Africa. Our goal is to enable the enablers. What does that mean? We as an Award organization seek to enable you the entrepreneur to be a job enabler in Africa. Through our regional and global mentoring program, you will receive coaching that enables you to launch or grow your business idea so that you can create jobs


-You must be a citizen of an African country
– You must be a minimum of 18 years old as of October 1, 2016
– Your business must be applicable in an African country
– Your business proposal must include a technological component (digital, machinery, computers, ICT, automated processes, field related technologies, etc.)
– Your business must be for profit.


– Your business proposals will be reviewed in one of our three categories:

Education, Environment, and Uncharted

Education is essential to equip Africans in the 21st century. As 11 million young Africans enter the job market every year, we are looking for business ideas that will impact education with the potential to scale across Africa.

The Environment is critical to ensure Africa works together in all sectors to promote innovations that will protect the livelihood of current and future generations. As 11.3 million hectares of land are ravaged every year by poor agricultural systems, over-grazing, and deforestation, we are looking for business ideas that will impact the environment with the potential to scale across Africa.

Uncharted means unexplored, not yet attempted. What is so difficult to do in your community that no one has tried before? Like explorers and inventors throughout history, what will propel Africa into a stronger position in the 21st century? We are looking for business ideas that boldly go where no one has gone before in Africa.

Deadline: May 6, 2016

To apply and for more information click the link below


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