CANVASSITY Youth Democracy Fellowship 2016

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More so, the rise of social media has also provided an unprecedented avenue for the voice of youth to heard on issues affecting the welfare and status of youth. However while there is growing social activism among the youth bulge in Africa, there is also a great gap in the capacity and skills of young people to effective engage and collaborate with especially government agencies and institutions to function more efficiently, accountable and to deliver smart governance. To buttress this point, since 2012, Youngstars Foundation deliberately began to use its annual DESPLAY Youth Democracy program to conduct a random survey to evaluate how often youth engage with government agencies to deliver social good based on their statutory mandate. The response from the DESPLAY program each year have been a dismal 10% engagement level, majorly due to lack of knowledge and engagement skills. It is in order to contribute in bridging this gap that Youngstars Foundation has created this innovative and dynamic youth engagement democracy training program titled CANVASSITY Youth Democracy Fellowship.


To educate youth about their civic rights and responsibilities to promote effective Citizen’s engagement.
To foster innovative youth-led approaches that increase government accountability, efficiency and impact on citizens.
Target Audience:

Young people from Nigeria and African countries aged between 18 – 35 years


Two Semesters

Each semester shall be a 4 workshops and each semester shall hold in two different Nigeria cities in February and September 2016. The first semester shall between 23 – 26 February, 2016.

Passing it On

Is a mandatory step down exercise where participants are required to share what they learn from each workshop to atleast 40 youth in their place of residence

Democracy Works Campaign

Each participant after the first workshop shall identify one government agency or institution he or she shall engage with to solve a particular pressing problem in society. Each participant must physically visit and engage with a chosen government institution of their choice. This campaign shall also have a creative arts component where the problem being addressed shall be captured in a drawing or pictorial visual as tool of engagement and advocacy to the government agency, media and members of the community/stakeholders.

International Learning Visit

Selected participants shall also participate in a 10 days Learning Visit to an African Democracy to facilitate cross-border exchange for our participants to interact with other youths, civil society, other stakeholders and government on achieving accountable, efficient and smart governance. Through this process, participants will gain a broader perspective on how democracy works, and increase their capacities in the areas of engaging governance.

Democracy Works CANVASSITY Exhibition

The program shall conclude with a One Day Exhibition to showcase different initiatives and innovative ways young people were able to engage government agencies to improve governance impact, accountability and efficiency through CANVASSITY Youth Democracy Fellowship.

Deadline: 31st January, 2016.

Registration Fee: $60 or N10,000 (Covers accommodation, meals, training materials and one-way road transport)

How to apply: click  HERE

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