Enter for Competition: STARTS Prize 2016 (€20,000 Cash Grants)

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The “STARTS Prize” aims to showcase and celebrate visions and achievements at the interface between innovation and creation—driven by both science/technology and the arts as well as to honor the inspiring individuals and teams behind these achievements. By opening it to artists, creative professionals, researchers and companies from all over the world, the STARTS Prize targets to expand everyone’s horizon in order to work on new ideas and showcase best-practice examples. This international prize will highlight Europe’s power as a breeding ground for innovation and creative excellence.


Two €20,000 cash grants will be awarded in conjunction with the STARTS Prize 2016:

One for artistic research and thus for projects that have the potential to influence and change the mode of application, development and perception of technologies; and
One for cooperative ventures teaming up industry/technology and art/culture in ways that open up new paths for innovation.


Artists or artists’ collectives from throughout the world; in other words, STARTS is not limited to citizens of EU-member states.
Scientists and business people worldwide
Deadline: March 13, 2016

To apply and for more information click on the site below

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