Esri’s Global Content Challenge for Undergraduate & Graduate Student Worldwide 2016

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Esri’s Global Content Challenge is open to undergraduate or graduate students at colleges or universities, as well as high school students enrolled in an Advanced Placement Human Geography or Environmental Science course. Get creative by using Esri’s land, ocean, and population premium content libraries to tell compelling stories that bring about understanding and action.

The Challenge
We are challenging students all over the world to unleash the power of Esri content by way of their own geographic analyses, visualizations, predictive models and more to tell a compelling scientific story. The story must be presented using the Esri Story Map Journal app. We’ll point you to the best of our data and our Map Journal tips and tricks. You do the rest! Judges will select the best map journals to be awarded prizes. Esri will also share the winning map journals on our Collaborative Resource Portal and feature them at Esri’s Federal GIS and Education User Conferences, and Young Professionals Network events.

Themes to Consider
– Studies of ecological diversity, rarity, and evolutionary isolation, including where the most diverse landscapes/seascapes are in proximity to protected areas
– Design and networking of protected areas both terrestrial and marine to guide conservation, refugia and preservation planning
– Assessment of ecosystem services such as carbon storage, soil formation
– Analysis of climate change impacts to ecosystems (and other impacts such as fire, invasive species, land use, etc.)
– Implementations of fisheries management or ecosystem based management in territorial seas
– Assessment of risks, such as the impacts of environmental degradation on species habitats or on vulnerable human populations
– Impacts of extreme heat and severe weather
– Consequences of wildfires and floods
Increases in vector-borne or water-borne diseases
– Tailoring education and/or risk communication to targeted populations
Theme of your choice!

There will be winners in each of three categories – land, ocean, and population – who will receive the following:

First Place

or software equivalent

Second Place

or software equivalent

Third Place

or soft equivale

Competition Closes
Nov 11, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. PST

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