7 Ways To Make Money As A Student While in School

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Life in the university /as student in Nigeria can really be frustrating if you are not financially bouyant. Most especially when the semester is coming to an end. This is the period when most students on campus sell their expensive phones just to survive.



This business is 1 business you want to take advantage of because of the demand of it, It demands just a little capital of about #4000 and nothing else.
Who are the people that requires your services?
you can contact the school fellowships,churches,school societies, clubs, and private schools around you offering them your services.


1.Requires very little startup capital
2.Very lucrative because all organization in the
school are in need of it
3.Does not affect your studies
4. Requires for you to have a very good internet connection. e.g a cyber cafe, your personal laptop or dekstop,or maybe a friends computer .
5. you need a very stable phone to recieve calls from clients


I dont know about your area but in the area where i live all i see is, boys that are running this particular business are all driving posh cars.

This particular business requires tim1.e and dedication, and it is divided into two groups
1. private home tutorship
2.tutorial center

1. private home tutorship
while the former is less lucrative, it can also foot your bills.  you can start this business with no capital.
all you have to do is print out some papers with this inscription on it {want a private home teacher for your children add your phone numbers] and have your friends help you post it on wall around the campus and within the area that you live and put your phone on, and make sure you keep appointment.

2.tutorial center
this is the cash pulling part of the deal. While private home tutorship requires less capital, this 1 actually requires a lot of capital and dedication, but in the long run you are going to be smiling to the bank.


1.It is capital intensive
2. requires a little time and dedication
3.requres good management skills

thing to consider before going into this business

1. How do i get the money to finance it. i.e you can ask daddy and mummy for support. you can also ask from friends
2. how do i get my teacher, this one is easy sha. just go to any department in the school and look for the most ‘brilliant set of students and make them an offer.
3.were do i get a place to establish it. this one is the most important, because location matters most in business
4.how much are you going to charge per student
5.how do you get your tables,chairs and white boards.
6.what time are you going to be operating

Note:Do your feasibilty studies first before going into this business


This is a very lucrative business, that also requires a very low start up capital.
All you have to do is acquire the required skills.

Am going to tell you a story here,back then in secondary school i had this friend a girl to be precise, she had this passion for bead making and i was a bead lover.
Majority of my friends too were bead lovers. So this particular girl will make a tie with bead and brings it to school you need to see the way me and friends fight for it and the highest bidder for the day goes home with it. lol i was a rich kid sha

Now when i got out i decided to make an investigation on how much this beads cost and i was amazed at how much this girl was making weekly from us she buys a bead of #500 and use it to make a belt that she later sells to us #2500. and she sells nothing less than 3 of this beads products weekly in school.

thats why i am going to mandate any girl that wants to make money in school. to do this business.


1.get training
2.create your own special designs
3. who are going to buy from you. your course mates, fellow students, church members and everybody
you come in contact with
4.The most important is for you to be creative
5.Always do a very neat job


“Abeg who no wan fyn”

DO i have to deliberate on this issue much.
no am not going to do that, you as a girl you know how much you spend weekly on your hair. and check the local saloons around you every weekend and see the way girls queue just to have an hair do.


1.get training
2.be very jovial and always ask your customers some questions about them any time they com to you
3.make your customers your friend
4.do great jobs so people can always ask your customers”who made this hair for you” and they refer them  to you
5. you dont need much start up capital, all you need is the training fee


do you have a laptop,and an internet connection then this business is for you.
blogging is all about writing rich contents and giving it out to your customers. you can start with this 2 sites just choose the one you prefer blogger and wordpress


1. a laptop and an internet connection
2.a passion for writing
3.Always post quality contents
4.Choose a niche you are comfortable with
5. this business requires time, dedication, and patience


This business is a very lucrative business because as busy as students are they still find time to watch movies. now this is were your services is needed, since students cant afford to buy part 1 and 2 for #300 they will come to you to rent it to them for # 100


1. A small space were you can display all your films
2.little start up capital required
3You must be updated on all latest films


This particular business actually made my best friend a millionaire.

But you might have to carry out feasiblity study about the business on your own

Others Include:

11. Match Viewing Centres

12. Football Betting Agents

13. Laundry and Dry Cleaning.
Culled from Nigeria University News.

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