Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) 2016 Rising Reconciliation Shapers

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Since 2000 the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) affords an annual Reconciliation Award to an individual, community or organisation in South Africa that has contributed towards social cohesion. Through this award, the IJR acknowledges and showcases the recipients’ approaches and strategies to enable reconciliation, whether they originate in the spheres of politics, media, business, culture, sport, academia or community service.
The IJR was founded on the values of South Africa’s 1996-1998 Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), the most exemplary of its time. With some of the most critical voices emerging from South Africa’s youth, the term reconciliation, as well as the TRC itself, has been extensively contested and challenged. In noting these developments, the IJR has launched a new category within the Reconciliation Award to celebrate the work of South Africa’s young leaders in shaping reconciliation and its relevance to current day challenges
With this year’s annual Reconciliation Award coinciding with the TRC’s 20 year commemoration, it is vital to present an award reflective of the changes and developments taking place in South Africa, as a country that finds itself at a critical juncture. Being a young democracy with large scale issues concerning poverty and unemployment being highlighted as injustices that continue to persist, this year’s award categories will focus on inequality and socio-economic justice.

– 18 years or older
– Area of focus on socio-economic      justice and inequality
– Minimum of 3 references/ testimonies of different types of people
– Completed nomination form
– Applicants can be involved as individuals in personal projects or working in the following organisations that are youth driven: NGOs, civil society organisations, public institution, academic institution, social movements, NPOs

To view nomination form and for more information click on the link below

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